From young teens to adults

Our classes and programs are designed to be fun and they are open to all women, men, children and families! Come and experience a little of Brazil without leaving the country!

Teens playing capoeira

Kinetic September 2010

Kinetic is the September 2010 WordPress Theme release, sporting a rich, versatile and selective conservative design, founded on the powerful and flexible Gantry Framework.

Main Content 0 Eight Preset Styles

An array of stunning, unique and professionally designed style variations, in 3 detail levels: High, Med and Low.
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Main Content 1 Triple Level Splitmenu

Splitmenu displays its 2nd level items horizontally, in the navigation position, and the rest in the sidebar.
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Main Content 2 Widget Variations

Choose from 8 Ribbon and 8 Box styles to diversify and enhance your widget content beyond simple default styling.
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